Just Bolton Things


Just Bolton Things:
Betraying trusted allies
Mac N Cheese
More Flaying


roose’s fuckin strut tho

"Screaming into the night" is in fact the only way to properly express your love for House Bolton.


One of my favorite things about the way Roose describes Domeric is that he almost sounds like a regal romantic figure (he plays music, he recites history, he would have made a good knight). Then there’s that Roose calls him a man grown. To be a man grown in House Bolton, you have to skin people…


One thing I’ve always appreciated about the Boltons is that it’s implied they wear the bloody underside of the skin out based on the blood drop decorations on their capes. Wouldn’t want to get yourself totally covered in blood while you war the flayed skin of your enemies, am I right? That would just be messy.


The history of House Bolton by Roose Bolton